Saturday, August 27, 2005


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How times change! Who could have imagined that at some point men actually walked the streets of Nigeria dressed up like this? Would anyone now look at those 'layers' with some nostalgia? I wouldn't bet on it.
Methinks it would be a tricky affair, because the slightest breeze might not just cause a serious embarassment to any regular 'bobo' but much damage is possible to today's very hungry Nigerian.

I go die o!
Nigerians have a great sense of humour too. Yes, a good joke makes my day anyday. And so when I got this one recently from Agari Mojo, Okpoka NdiIgbo, I decided to blog it here.

In the Classroom in Warri:

Teacher: You Boy, spell plantain

Boy: Whish one? The ripe one or the unripe one?

Teacher: What difference does it make? Just spell plantain!

Boy: Teasha, If you fry the ripe one na 'DODO', if you fry the unripe
one na 'SHIPS' if you roast am, na 'BOLI', all of them na plantain,
so whish one you wan make I spell?!

Have you heard the latest?

Cameroun is going to attack Nigeria as soon as they've learnt to drive the septic tanks they bought from the French!