Thursday, July 14, 2005

London Terror: The other side

One week after the London terror bombings, I was watching the news of the solidarity rally by Londoners at Trafalgar Square on TV when this text message arrived from Agari Mojo:
Since they announced some financial compensation 4 d bomb victims Naija names on d list has increased. Na wa o!

Do we run true to type, or do we? The humour in the message wasn't lost on me.

But, seriously, if this many Nigerians were caught up in this tragedy it does reveal something quite ominous. It would suggest that the population of Nigerians who have fled the tyranny at home to settle here and try to make a living, is indeed great. They face a new threat now.

Globalization. No, this has nothing to do with the challenges of international trade or economic neo-colonisation by super-multinational outfits. I am talking about the shifting battlegrounds of mass murder.

These Nigerians had felt safe here. They had fled the suffocating economic environment back home to come here. They had fled police brutality and state sponsored assasinations. They had fled ethnic violence and religious bigotry. They ran away from hunger and disease; only to end up victims of international terror.

What has happened to our world? Not that it has ever known peace. But must we allow things to continue this way? What is wrong with tackling the causes of terrorism instead of its consequences?

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