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Chinweizu 2 Marshall

Clem Marshall:
I am glad you are troubled by the plans to wipe out Afrikans and that you are sending out these updates on their implementation.

But am quite amazed that any Pan Afrikanist is just getting to see the picture. After all Garvey warned about it back in the 1920s! Or is it that Pan Afrikanists dont read the documents of Pan Afrikanism or that they dont take seriously what they contain until some white boy says the same thing? Well, as they say, if you want to hide something from niggers, just put it
in a book, like Garvey did.

Anyway, better late than never.

But I am even more amazed at your reaction, now that you've caught on to the situation.

You tell us to "Please ask those who always try to explain what's happening to Black folks in terms of CLASS warfare to explain the two scenarios in the articles below." Whats the point of that? Who cares what explanation they come up with?
Shouldnt you, instead, be asking black Africans what they intend to do about the danger? And asking why the governments of Black Africa have not caught on for the past 50 years despite all the handwriting on the wall? And what are the Afrikan people going to do about getting rid of these misgovernments/gangstaments and installing others that will do their duty and defend and advance the Afrikan interests?

And all this your preoccupation with the "global media", "world religions", the "information age", "Joe Slovo" etc and "their deathly silence", whats the use?

Are you expecting them to save us? Why should they? Isnt that like rats expecting some cats to save them? And complaining when they dont? And about the Vandana Shivas of the global anti-imperialist movement? Bear in mind that it is not the job of any ally to save you. Its your job to save yourselves! Your allies are fighting their own battles against a common enemy. They cant be expected to leave their own warfront to come do the fighting in your own home front! Those who wont hold up their own end of that common struggle will go down alone!

Furthermore, you seem not to have read or taken in Steve Biko's important remark that "the biggest mistake the Black World ever made was to assume that whoever is against Apartheid is automatically our ally." Ditto for 'against imperialism'. So why should you expect land hungry Indian anti-imperialists not to take your land if you are foolish enough to offer it to them, as in Uganda etc? We should stop being so stupid!

In any case, even if all the non Afrikans you indict were to scream their heads off in protest, what good would that do us?

Look at Darfur! People around the world are protesting, urging the UN and NATO to go in and stop the Arabist ethnic cleansers. What good has it done? And who is subtly blocking the UN? Isnt it the AU, with its black African presidents in the pocket of the Arab League? And are the black African populations rising up in protest, let alone in rebellion, against their
black governments for not doing whatever is necessary to get rid of the Bashir regime in Khartoum and get the UN forces in?
My brother, our fate is in our hands. And your outcry is ultimately irresponsible if it gives the impression that it is up to non-Afrikans to rescue Afrikans. That type of outcry would just help to keep Afrikans asleep, instead of rousing them to recognize and do their duty.

I hope you'll do those on your list the favor of sharing my comments with them.


From: Clem Marshall []
Sent: 18 October 2006 16:14
To: Clem Marshall
Subject: Depopulating Afrika and Replacing Us with Asians and Europeans

My family,
We seldom get to see full pictures of the conspiracies against us. The crime of AIDS against Afrika and Dr. "Death" Basson's
bio-genocide in South Africa are not about health alone.

When we open our eyes, they can be a window that lets light into the conspiracy by leaders of all other races to wipe out Afrikans, to grab our riches and share the spoils of our ancestral legacy amongst their kith and kin.

While the US takes credit for resettling families from Burundi in North America, because "there is not enough land", Indians are importing their kith and kin into Uganda and settling them on rich Afrikan farmland.

Does that make sense to you?

Please ask those who always try to explain what's happening to Black folks in terms of CLASS warfare to explain the two scenarios in the articles below.

There is not enough land, the first article tells us, in Burundi.
However, next door in Uganda, the other reveals, Asians have been secretly robbing First Nations Afrikans of their land
and putting poor, farming (peasant)-class Indians on our stolen ancestral property.

Of course they could not do so without the collusion of the askari (mercenary) forces in power in Uganda today.

Let's pay attention to the deathly silence from the global media and "world religions'.

There is no protest, not even a peep, from the Christians, the Muslims, the Jews, the Buddhists, or the Hindus.

Nor is there a call for justice from those who confess to believe in nothing more spiritual than materialism, market forces,
capitalism or Marxism.

How is it possible for so many powerful global forces, normally fighting each other, to keep such vital information out of the news, and hold it for so long under the radar of popular insight - in the "Information Age"?

Of course, such unbroken silence also stifles the natural outrage that such injustice ought to inspire within the hearts of people of conscience and all Afrikans in our right minds.

Let's not fail to note how all our self-described allies are also strangely silent!

Where is the vaunted Vandana Shiva, passionate Indian guru of global justice when her people are the ones sucking the last seeds of life from the most vulnerable Afrikans?

Where are the hordes of Canadian, US, Australian and European NGOs who have made themselves so "indispensable" to solving land conflicts in Zimbabwe?

Surely there are a few Doctors Without Borders in Uganda who can bear honest witness to this ongoing crime against Afrikan humanity! We have heard them say more in even more difficult situations, in places like Gaza, when there seemed to be no one else around who was free to tell the truth.

Where are the self-anointed saviours of Afrika, like AIDS czar Stephen Lewis; saint Nelson Mandela; the "first Black president", Bill Clinton; Bob Geldorf, Jimmy Carter or all-embracing Oprah?

Why are there no wise words from the emperor of Truth and Reconciliation, Archbishop Tutu or the "voguing" primadonna, Madonna?

Let's face it! This kind of information will never be the first concern of anyone else but us.

The vast lands and riches of Afrika are ours alone to lose, if we don't wake up.

The rest of the world is obviously invested in keeping us asleep, as long as possible,
while they continue ruthlessly to root themselves in our Motherland's womb.

Let us remember the callousness of Katrina so that we don't forget the atrocities of Darfur!
Let's remember Egypt - the Black folks' sacred land where the bones of our Ancestors lie visible to all, in their golden glory above ground! Let's expose the lies of the Arab grave robbers who now brazenly dare to tell the world that Kamit (Egypt) belongs to them.

Let's concentrate our minds on re-peopling Afrika with folks of Afrikan ancestry!

We have been left a sacred trust and a duty to burn away the schemes of the birthright thieves with our lasers of undeniable truth.

Let's share what we learn widely, wisely, amongst our folks, wherever we congregate, celebrate or meet!

May the Ancestors grant that we Afrikans, no matter where we're born, wake up before their legacy, and through it our very destiny, passes, in this generation, out of our hands!

May Billions of Brilliant Blessings fall like manna from heaven on us all, especially the children! Ashay!

U.S. Accepting Approximately 10,000 Refugees from Burundi Individuals can permanently resettle and apply for U.S. citizenship By Stephen Kaufman -Washington File Staff Writer

Washington -- At the request of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Bush administration is offering permanent resettlement to approximately 10,000 refugees from Burundi, some of whom have been living in camps in neighboring Tanzania since 1972.

State Department deputy spokesman Tom Casey told reporters October 17 that the refugees would be brought to the United States over the next two years and would be eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship.

"Obviously, it's an individual choice of people whether they would apply beyond that residency status for U.S. citizenship or not," he said, but "they have that option."

Casey described the plight of the Burundian refugees, some of whom fled or were driven out of their country in 1972, as "a long-standing issue," but said the UNHCR had asked the United States to resettle them only in the past year.

He added that other countries also have been asked to participate.

Since 1975, the United States has offered more than 2.6 million refugees a permanent home as part of its ongoing refugee resettlement program.

A State Department official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the group of Burundian refugees fled in 1972 from the Tutsi-dominated government's ethnic killings directed against the country's Hutu population. They had been living in refugee camps in western Tanzania, with many having been displaced multiple times and the majority spending their lives in exile.

More than 315,000 Burundian refugees have been able to return home since 2002, but because of a critical shortage of land, the group remaining in the western Tanzania camps was seen as being unlikely to return.

The official said UNHCR initially had wanted to repatriate all the refugees, but ultimately asked the United States to consider resettling as many as 15,000 in October 2005.

That number has since been revised downward, and the Bush administration believes that the group of refugees needing resettlement will total no more than 10,000 and possibly fewer, according to the official.

However, "it's a significant number of people, I think, particularly from a relatively small country," the official said.

The United States hopes to admit 4,000 to 5,000 of the Burundian refugees during fiscal year (FY) 2007, which began October 1, 2006, and a similar number in FY 2008.

The costs associated with refugee resettlement in the United States are shared by the Department of State, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Health and Human Services. Some additional services and private support come from state and local governments and nongovernmental agencies.

The refugees wishing to be resettled will begin interviewing with an "overseas processing entity" under contract with the State Department in Nairobi, Kenya, beginning in October 2006 and will move on to interviews with DHS scheduled for January 2007.

The first participants are expected to arrive in the United States in late spring or early summer 2007, with a steady stream of arrivals for the next 12 to 15 months, according to the official.

For more information on U.S. policies, see Humanitarian Assistance and Refugees.

(The Washington File is a product of the Bureau of International Information Programs, U.S. Department of State. Web site: 17 October 2006

Distressed Indian farmers eye Uganda - official

KAMPALA, Nov 6 2004 (Reuters)
Hundreds of debt-ridden farmers in southern India want to make a new start in Uganda after 500 of their colleagues committed suicide in seven months because of financial woes, an official said. The farmers from Andhra Pradesh state, with their government, have appealed to the east African country for 100,000 hectares (about 250,000 acres) of land, John Akawa, a senior official at the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) said yesterday.

It is part of a wider scheme to acquire land leases in Kenya and Tanzania also.

"We are still considering their request and as soon as we agree we shall sign a memorandum of understanding," Akawa said.
Uganda's Information Minister Nsaba Butoro said the government has plenty of land for foreign investors.
"The issue of land is not a problem and the state of our infrastructure is also not that prohibitive," Butoro said.

So far, with the talks at preliminary stages in Kenya and Uganda, poor farmers in both states have not reacted to the prospects of foreigners farming in their countries. But in Kenya, where land issues have been boiling recently, it has
the potential to add to an already sensitive and potentially explosive situation.

Since the above article was written, I have been informed that anti-Afrikan interests have conspired to resettle hundreds, if not thousands of Indians on First Nations Ugandan farms. Similar unjust displacement by Europeans, Arabs, other ethnicities from the 'Middle East' or Asians is being practiced by those in office in Mauritania, Angola, Mozambique, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Chad, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ghana, South Afrika and other parts of Afrika. Our homeland is under a hostile takeover siege.


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Anonymous said...

This takeover is happening throughout the Diaspora, including small poor islands such as Haiti. Even Baby Doc is said to plan to return to Haiti.

With events in the news these couple of weeks, such as the stealing of children from Tchad under the guise of Darfur adoptions, the two sayings that come to mind are:

"The more things change, the more they stay the same." --it is believed widely among the Diaspora that the last attack will be the throwing of their women on Black men. Now that this is flourishing to the point of white men desperately lashing back, the system is feverishly attacking and claiming "unprotected" villages throughout the Diaspora.

"A leopard can't change its spots." --therefore, let's stop wanting to believe that the wolves are the sheep outfits they wear.

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